Beginnings of a travel blog…

Hello friends, mum, dad and any other relatives. I’ve made a blog to keep any interested parties up to date on my trips and travels so that I can hopefully avoid the arduous task of retelling all the stories repeatedly to everyone on returning. I will be travelling in the Americas for 6 months so my posts will cover my wacky undertakings in the western hemisphere.

As a rough overview of my plans I intend to spend three months between Bolivia and Peru starting early next May and then the following three months in the Western USA (USA! USA!). I endeavour to climb the mountains, trek the wilderness and explore the salt flats, jungles, ancient ruins and cities of South America while trying my hand at a few new things and enjoying the life of relative luxury that the pound will afford (ever less so #thanksbrexit). Who knows, there may even be a smidge of genuine insight into other cultures and some canny observations into lifestyles far removed from our own. I wouldn’t count on it, I haven’t done that before but there’s a first time for everything right? In the states I can enjoy the house that Trump builds* as I go up from LA to San Francisco, with a three week detour for the John Muir Trail, and then carry on through Oregon and Washington before looping round to Montana and down through Yellowstone, the national parks of Utah, the Grand Canyon and Vegas and then back home by November.

I’ve been saying ‘I’ through all this which is somewhat misleading. I have the awesome fortune of being joined by my fortunately awesome girlfriend! Kim will join me for much of the trip, though we will split at times to do our own thing.

Should be a giggle eh, and you have the ability to keep up with our antics through the majesty of this hastily assembled blog.

Bully for you.

So buckle up for what I’m sure will be a strange and uncomfortable journey all round, replete with, well, I’ve got no idea yet we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we….



*- I am evidently gonna sprinkle a subtle dose of cutting edge political satire into this heady mix. FOR FREE!!! Oh heavens!


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